Friday, February 1, 2013

Grade 8 homework, early February, 2013

Grade 8 homework for early February, 2013

Students must understand the components of music notation and how to write them, including clefs, key signatures, time signatures (meter), notes, dynamic markings, accents, bar lines, expressive descriptions, and ledger lines. is an excellent resource for lessons and exercises.

Also, write the reasons Beyonce lip-synched at Obama's 2013 inauguration (in your Music Journals, of course).

Memorize FCGDAEB - the order of sharps
Memorize BEADGCF - the order of flats

Find an image of the staff with the order of sharps and flats and put it in your Music Journal.
Find an image of the Circle of 5ths and put in in your Music Journal

Mr. Kozak

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