Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fair Trade chocolate and music


Halloween will soon be here, and that means lots of people will be buying chocolate to give out.

Unfortunately, most chocolate is not fair trade.

Watch this informative video to find out more about what fair trade is and why you should make this year a fair trade Halloween year.

Listen to the melody of the Ghanian instruments. You'll be humming the tune by the end of the video.
Mr. Kozak

The San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra


Learning about classical music can be a little bit scary. There's so much to know about the history of the music, different composers, and sometimes the music can be less exciting than pop music.

Take a look at the San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra website for kids. Write in you Music Journal about whether you think it's too childish for you, but see if you can use it to learn something new about the symphony. 

If the site seems like it's not your level, then check out their regular site. Make notes in your journal about:
- what music they are playing in the future
- how many players are in the symphony

Mr. Kozak

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Adjectives to describe music - websites

This website as well as this one are great, wonderful, exemplary, outstanding websites to build your vocabulary to talk about music.

Mr. Kozak

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

GarageBand Pro Tip #1 - Locking curves to regions

Grade 6,

I love GarageBand for it's flexibility. I really love when my creative ideas are possible with the software. For example, if you wanted to put a sound at the beginning of your project, you have to move all of your tracks to the right. No problem, unless you changed the panning or volume, SO... you have to go to the Control menu and click 'Lock Automation Curves to Regions':

Is that awesome or what?
Mr. Kozak