Monday, October 15, 2012

Food Fair 2012

Well, it's all done for another year.
Steve did all of the MC work in the gym introducing musical and dance groups and I organized the sound. The new Presonus 16.4.2 worked beautifully, as did the iPad app. This helped me to moniter sound anywhere in the gym and adjust main speakers and moniters. Even Glay's tech guy seemed impressed. There was a very good balance between children voices and guitars.
Next year I will try to mic avery amp as well as the drums. Andy (go to What the Dickens every first Tuesday and you'll see him run the open mic night) commented that I should've had a mic on Takuro's $10,000 Matchless amp because we couldn't hear it on the other side of the gym with so many bodies in the way. I got some of it before the mic was needed for the chorus.
The only technical glitch was the Friday sound check. After setting everything up through the snake and into the amps and board, I plugged in the FireWire from the PreSonus into the Mac. No sound. No meters moving on the board. After three minutes of tracing cables, I just toggled to power on the board. Once it was back on, everything sounded fine. A small glitch, and very easy and fast to fix. 

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